Japanese Characters for Hakone Open Air Museum

hakone-archway.jpg hakone-bound-in-cloth.jpg hakone-ears.jpg
hakone-eloquence.jpg hakone-giants&munchkin.jpg hakone-hippi-helmet.jpg
hakone-glass-tower-outside.jpg hakone-glass-tower.jpg hakone-hydrangea-head.jpg
hakone-morbid-wing.jpg hakone-mummy.jpg hakone-pegasus-pillar.jpg
hakone-picasso-pavillion.jpg hakone-garden-angle.jpg hakone-vista.jpg
hakone-baccus.jpg hakone-philosopher.jpg hakone-pieta.jpg

Although mostly famous for it's hot springs and beautiful scenery at the base of Mount Fuji , the only place I really visited in Hakone was the open air museum which is quite spectacular itself. That is where all these pictures are from.

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