Flowers of Japan

I never really paid much attention to flowers until I went to Japan. Each spring, you are literally presented with new varieties of flowers everyday for a couple of months. There are hardly any non-flowering plants around. And everyone's heard about Sakura (cherry blossoms) and how beautiful they are. I also heard about all the crowds that mobbed the gardens and I figured I wouldn't bother going out to see them. What I wasn't expecting was all of Japan turning pink. Sakura are almost everywhere and it's easy to see why the Japanese are captivated by them. They're a lot more beautiful than I gave them credit for.
flowers1.jpg flowers2.jpg flowers3.jpg
flowers4.jpg flowers5.jpg flowers6.jpg
flowers7.jpg flowers8.jpg flowers12.jpg
flowers13.jpg flowers15.jpg flowers16.jpg


flowers9.jpg flowers10.jpg flowers11.jpg
flowers14.jpg seibubyoin-sakura1.jpg seibubyoin-sakura2.jpg
shinjukugyoen1.jpg shinjukugyoen3.jpg shinjukugyoen5.jpg

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