Print Club!

Right. So here's the thing. Here in the Japan (and reportedly in some places in North America) there's this chouberi cool thing called "Print Club". Basically it a new angle on them worn out "4 pics for a buck" deals you find about the mall. You (and 15 of your favourite friends!) can get your faces printed on a sheet of 16 photo-stickers (each about 1"x1/2") with cool backgrounds to boot! Here's MY personal collection! (I tell ya, whoever came up with *this* idea is rakin' it in off the school girls in this country!)

Me and Nick

People I saw "Sleepers" with

Sachiko and Me

Paula, Melissa, Graeme & Me

Me and Naomi

Me and Leah

Me and Hiroko

Me and Graeme

In Osaka!

In Kyoto!

In Hiroshima!

Me and Fumiko

Mariko and Me

Hiromi, Me, & Noriko

Emi and Me

Bowling Group

Plastination Group

China Town Group

Family Photo

IMA Teachers!

Hakone Group


Me Yuki & Masami

Wine & Cheese Group

Masami Me & Emi

Ueno Zoo Group

Masami Me & Emi

Cooking Group 1

Cooking Group 2

Me & Fumiko

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