Cuba: Day 2
    Tuesday I started out at the conference, partly because I felt obligated to see the presentations of two Brazilians who were very positive about my talk. But I bailed early and headed out for some sight seeing. First stop: Plaza de la Revolucin

    On the south end of a large parking-lot looking tarmac, there is an enormous statue of a national hero, Jos Marti who was one of the first to fight for Cuban independence. Behind Marti, monumental pillar towers above the city and serves as a roost (unintentionally I suspect) for appropriately large birds of prey.

    Looking North across the plaza from the Marti memorial is a government building with an image of Che Guevara on the side -- easily the most recognizable face in all of Cuba. Che was the general who led the decisive battle in the revolution. (More about Che later).

    Not too far away is the Necropolis -- the largest and most important cemetery in Cuba. Nearly 1 million people are interred there! One of the things that makes it special is the elaborateness of the tombs and sculptures that mark them. It's a little like walking around an outdoor art museum.