It became clear on the plane that I would have to abandon vegetarianism this trip. The meal on the plain consisted of a variety of cold cuts, a couple pieces of cheese, a bun and a desert. And since my Grandmother did an excellent job of intsilling in me an utter aversion to wasting food, I'd rather eat it than waste it.

    I haven't been vegetarian for very long -- about a year officially, although I could count on my hands how many times I had eaten meat the year before that -- and it is for health / environmental reasons so it wasn't really that big a deal. However, I haven't eaten that much meat in such a compressed period of time since Shad 2000 and it was really quite a lot more than even then. Consequently, my body is just not aclimatized to that level of meat intake, and it did rebel blech. Nothing serious, and no bum spewing (the opposite really), but cramps and general malaise. I spent one afternoon / evening in bed.

    The typical menu seems to have three sections: Chicken, Beef, Pork. And often even when you think it won't have meat, or when you ask for it not to have meat ("sin carne"), it arrives covered in cubed ham anyway. Reminds me of Japan... We heard later on that there are actually vegetarian restaurants somewhere, but it was our second last day in Havana, and we didn't really know where they were.