Note: This paper was written for S522 - "Digital Signal Processing" - a class taught by Diane Kewley-Port at Indiana University, Spring Semester, 2000. The entire text is available here in PDF format. Below is the introduction and the bibliography. If you prefer another format, would like the model itself or have any questions or comments, feel free to E-mail me.

Klatt Synthesizer in Simulink

by Sean McLennan

April, 2000


This paper outlines the construction and use of a speech synthesizer based on Klatt (1980) that was implemented in The MathWorks Incís Simulink® environment which operates in conjunction with MATLAB®. Two aspects of the model are described: the model itself and the manipulation of the model by a function that translates pseudo-phonological coding into time-indexed parameter values to be used by the model in synthesizing particular utterances.


Klatt, D. (1980). Software for a cascade / parallel formant synthesizer. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 67(3). 971-995