T-Shirt Designs

After I designed Shad Valley Acadia's T-shirt, I was requested to do a few more...

Another example of my process of encoding text into celticknots. This time the word "Shad" is encoded 4 times and there are hints to decoding it encorporated in the total design. I did this knot for a t-shirt design contest (which I won) for "Shad Valley", a science and entreprenurial program for Canadian high school students that I participated in in 1991. In this case, I intended the knot to present a puzzle to be solved over the course of the month that Shads are on the program.

The 2000 version of the 1999 shirt - back design and front pocket.

A design for the t-shirt of the first International Shad Valley Program held at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland.

I attended Complex Systems Summer School in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2000. They had a T-shirt Design contest and this was my winning entry. Back and Pocket respectively - the knot encodes: CSSS.

A design for Shad Valley Calgary 2004. It encodes: Shad Valley.