Portraits of Friends & Family

I also like to draw portraits of people I know and love; the emotional component really helps me do my best.

This is a picture I drew for my friends Ronja & Joel for their wedding.

This is a picture I drew of my sister, Tina, (well cousin technically) and her husband Gord for Christmas '95. It's from their wedding if you couldn't tell.

These are my friends Gary and Lucie - again a wedding gift. Do we see a trend forming?

A portrait I made of my friend Saori and the Daibutsu in Kamakura, Japan for her and her family.

Portraits of my parents, for my parents, for Christmas '01

Portrait of my friends Carrie and Raymond for their wedding 2003/06/21

Portrait of my friends Chris and Krista for their wedding 2003/10/24

Tina and Chris - you might recognize Tina from above. Chris is her second husband and, like before, the photo it's based on was from their wedding 2006/8/5.