Celtic Knotwork on Miscellaneous Media

"Thoth" - This one is on my laptop whose name is "Thoth"

"Japanese character for Kinumongatari" ("Kinumonogatari")
"Japanese character for Kinumonogatarimaru" ("Kinomongatarimaru")
These two knots are part of the same piece - a pencil holder. The top knot is my first attempt at a round knot (sorry for the poor scan - it's hard to scan round things! And unfortunately, I couldn't provide a larger one... it's just too big.). The lower knot appears on the bottom of the container. "Kinumonogatari" means "Silk Story" and it is the name of the colour scheme of the pens that I used. "Maru" of "Kinumonogatarimaru" means "circle".

I fell in love with the design of this binder produced by Nike. It's just very organic and the texture of the material is amazing! The knot is done with a black Sharpie (on black).

It's a fridge magnet I made out of our recycling and garbage pickup schedule.