These are some pieces I've done that don't fit into any other of my categories.

"Living Circle"

This is the first piece (read: "doodle") in which I used the design that has come to mean "me". That would be the "h" looking thing in the middle - you'll notice it being used often to sign my artwork and in other places. Most people ask how I get "Sean" from that symbol; well, I DON'T! It's like Prince's unpronounceable symbol except that I did it first. (Ink on Paper)

"Distinctive Features"

This is the cummulative result of the notes I took in my Linguistics 542 class - Introduction to Phonology. (If you ever see this, Stuart, it isn't a personal reflection!) I took the class not realizing that it would be as much of a review for me as it was. In honour of the class, I've entitled it "Distinctive Features" - you kinda have to have a linguistics background to catch the joke. (Pencil on Paper)


I named one of my laptops "Osiris" after the Egyptian God, and so I put a depiction on the cover. (Ink on Plastic)

For a couple of years at Shad Valley (a program I teach at) we made masks. Here are the one's I've done so far. (Acrylic on plaster)

"Dune Quote"

This is an English writing system that I developed to capture certain facts about the phonology of the language. It also subsequently turned into ripe ground for thoughts of how people develop concepts and attach meaning to form. (Matlab)


A good friend of mine has become involved in a medieval re-creation group and she asked me to paint her (Saxon) shield for her. (Paint on leather)