Japanese Characters for Yokohama Eki

yokohama-takashimaya.jpg yokohama-sheraton.jpg

Trains stations are the absolute center of all life in Japan, and Yokohama station is the center of Yokohama's. The upper picture is a panorama shot of the West Entrance of Yokohama station. The original picture is quite large and unformatted because I just wasn't comfortable reducing it anymore. The picture below is of "Vivre 21", a large, fashionable department store (on the left) and a bridge over one the major rivers in the area. To the right in the background is an NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone) building.


A Festival at Yokohama Station

eki-matsuri-male-mikoshi.jpg eki-matsuri-taiko.jpg eki-matsuri-female-mikoshi.jpg

I happened upon this festival on my way to work one day... I don't know the occasion - but then neither did any of the students I had that day, so I guess it's okay!

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