Minato Mirai 21


Minato Mirai 21 (MM21) is Yokohama's vision of the future. Once, only dockyards, the city is turning this harbour front area into a world class business / recreation complex. The jewel in MM21's crown is the Landmark Tower - at 296m, the tallest building in East Asia. It was meant to be higher, but flight restrictions at the Haneda airport prevented it. It boasts the latest in computerized anti-earthquake and anti-motion equipment (including a 170 ton pendulum!) and the fastest elevator in the world (45km/hr).
Other MM21 attractions include the "Cosmos Ferris Wheel" - the highest in the world, and the International Continental Hotel, the building on the far right in the above picture. It is designed to look like a sail, reflecting Yokohama's seafaring history.

twilight_landmark_tower.jpg twilight_bay_bridge.jpg hotel.jpg
landmark_tower.jpg landmark-tower-2.jpg landmark-tower-3.jpg
nippon-maru&landmark-tower.jpg landmark-tower-interior.jpg me&ferriswheel.jpg
yokohama-bijutsukan.jpg minato-mirai.jpg

Views from Landmark Tower

landmark-tower-view.jpg landmark-tower-view-sail.jpg landmark-tower-view-yamashita.jpg
landmark-tower-view-kannai.jpg landmark-tower-view-sakuragicho.jpg landmark-tower-view-mm21.jpg

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